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TIB : Secure online selling of insulated containers, cool boxes and eutectic plates

Here are the 3 methods of payment :

  • Payment by credit card through the BNP Paribas
  • Payment by cheque

Send the cheque to :COOL Sarl 478 Avenue Marie Curie - 07800 La Voulte-sur-Rhône

  • Payment by bank transfer

The payment may be performed by credit card BNP Paribas, bank transfer, or by cheque.

For payments by credit card, the Customer ensures that s/he Is fully entitled to use this means of payment and that this credit card provides access to sufficient funds to cover all costs resulting from the services.

Only those who can legally purchase contract for goods and services displayed on the website may order on the website

For payments by cheque, the order validated by the Customer will be considered effective only when the cheque is credited to the account of COOL sarl.

In the event of a refusal from the banking services, the order will be automatically cancelled and the Customer will be notified by e-mail. The payment is carried out within the conditions set during the order.

Secure transfer BNP Paribas

Our payment platform Is totally secured by the BNP Paribas for payments through credit card and uses the 3D Secure System to prevent fraud.

Validation 3D Secure – Credit card – What Is it ?

3D Secure Is a payment method that enhances security of the online payments through credit card. From the point of view of the logo, it has 2 names or to distinctive representations: « Verified by Visa » and « MasterCard Secure Code ».

The name 3D was chosen because the system leads on putting into contact 3 major intervening parties: the merchant, the purchaser bank and the banking interoperability system.

To pay with the 3D Secure framework, you must get an authentication code. Technically, you are connected with your bank asking you to authenticate and confirming your identity to the merchant.

How to pay with 3D Secure ? Practical use.
Indeed, the payment process takes form of a payment through classic credit card except that in this case you have to give a further code, called authentication code.

To begin with, you follow the usual payment process introducing at least your card code of 16 numbers, the expiry date and the visual cryptogram of 3 numbers on the back of the card.

After this stage, you will be directed to the website set up by the bank which provided you your card. You introduce then the code specially planned for online payments. Be careful, this code is different from the PIN code of 4 numbers that you usually use to pay in a shop.

Each bank has its own way of authentication. In concrete terms, you will be requested, for instance, a classical password that you would have chosen before, a code that you must generate using a small electronic box provided by your bank or a specific code on paper card also provided by your bank . It is not an exhaustive list, other authentication systems can be used according to the banks. You can check the 3D Secure authentication

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