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Specific Packaging  

Specific Packaging

For over 30 years, COOL has been dedicated to developing a range of products to meet our customers' need to conserve sensitive produce during transportation. We specialize in a variety of insulation kits such as our insulated expanded polystyrene (EPS) disposable kits, our insulated expanded polypropylene (EPP) kits, as well as our injected polyurethane kits, which are designed for more intensive use and continuous use. These insulation kits offer the option to include our innovative COOL eutectic liquids and gels to ensure the highest level of conservation.

Cold supply chains demand stringent temperature control, due to their inherent sensitivity. Here at COOL, we are committed to ensuring that our products fully comply with cold chain regulations, to absolutely guarantee the protection of vaccines and all other products that require a stable temperature.

For us to be able to answer your questions effectively, please give a brief description of your cold supply chain requirements when contacting us:

- Desired temperature range
- Duration of conservation
- Mass and volume of products
- Type of packaging material (reusable or single-use only)
- Ambient temperature during transportation.

You can send a request via our website or by contacting us directly at 04 75 85 32 75 or by email

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