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Gastronorm Containers 60x40 

Gastronorm Containers 60x40

The 60x40cm insulated containers are well suited for your transportation needs in the cold or hot supply chain. Designed to suit food-presentation sizes, these boxes are ideal for everyday catering services or simply for your bakery store. With their high strength-to-weight ratio, they can handle rough loading and unloading with minimal damage or distortion.

Made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), these insulated containers are exceptionally robust, lightweight, and are even 100% recyclable! Their heavy load capacity (80L or more) and convenient built-in handles makes this product a must for your cold supply chain needs.

Also, do not miss out on our essential accessories! We offer many handy items to accompany our 60x40cm insulated containers. These options include our mobile trolleys, hotplates, trays, refrigeration support and our famous eutectic plates specially designed to meet  your temperature conservation and duration needs for your cold or hot chain.

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