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Eutectic Gels  

Eutectic Gels

Here at COOL, we specialize in eutectic liquid. We are extremely excited to offer you our COOL eutectic gels. These gels are the perfect solution for your single-use transportation in the cold supply chain.

With our innovative dual-pouch format, the choice is yours! These pouches are conveniently designed to easily separate into two distinct pouches. Our COOL eutectic gels are truly the perfect combination of a practical and effective choice to keep your products at the right temperature!

These eutectic gels are offered in 4 different temperatures: 0°C (+2 to +8°C), -12°C (+1°C to 4°C), -16°C (-22°C to -14°C) and -21°C (-27°C to -18°C).

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