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 What is a eutectic plate?

It is very similar to an ice pack! The main difference concerns the liquid inside the pack – eutectic liquid. Here at COOL, we specialize in eutectic liquids.

Once frozen solid, these liquids generate a constant temperature of cold or hot air by slowly releasing its latent heat. This temperature is called eutexia temperature. Unlike frozen water, the eutectic liquid enables you to conserve your temperature for a longer and more effective result.

After 30 years of hard work and dedication, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of innovative eutectic liquids for the cold and hot supply chain.

Is the eutectic plate ready for use? Is there an instruction guide?

Before each use, it is necessary to freeze the eutectic plate by laying it flat in your freezer during at least 24h at a temperature that is at least 6°C below the temperature of the eutectic liquid inside the plate. This will solidify the liquid

Once the plate is frozen, remove it from the freezer and place the eutectic plate in your insulated container. It is important to handle your eutectic plate very carefully once frozen, as it becomes very sensitive to shock.

IMPORTANT: Do not wash the eutectic plate in the dishwasher; clean it with soapy water

(washing-up liquid)

Is the eutectic liquid dangerous?

The main composition of COOL eutectic liquids is made with aqueous solution (clean water) and a mix of different chlorides. We do not use any glycol or heavy alcohol in our formulation.

Can the eutectic plate be in contact with food?

Our eutectic plates are made with polyethylene high density and is safe to be in contact with food products.

What is the delivery time?

Every parcel is shipped within 24h after place of order from Monday to Friday (excluding French bank holidays). Your parcel will be shipped out by our transportation services for an express delivery between 48h-72h.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes! If your country is not indicated as an option for delivery, please contact us directly and we will provide you a quotation with the transportation costs and delivery time.

My products need to be conserved at a temperature that I cannot find on your website. Is it possible to order tailored eutectic plates that suit my specific needs?

Yes! As manufacturers of eutectic liquid, we are capable of producing eutectic plates to meet your specific requests. We are continuously expanding our research and development department and pushing the limits. Do not hesitate to contact us with your specific temperature requests:

I have purchased my insulated containers from another supplier. Will your eutectic plates work inside these boxes as well?

This depends on several factors: the material, thickness, and dimensions of the insulated container. We cannot guarantee that your insulated box will produce the same results as our insulated box kits. Do not hesitate to contact us to have to obtain more information on this subject.

I am interested in your hot plates. How do you heat them up? Can you put them in the microwave?

Before each use, you must heat up the hot pack to a certain temperature. There are two ways to heat up your hot pack: In the oven with dry air convection or in the oven with an air steam system.

It is very important to heat up the hot pack according to the specific instruction guide for your product. If the pack is overheated or has been heated for too long, it becomes sensible to shock and risks to explode or crack. Please refer to your product’s webpage to access the instruction guide.

The hot pack CANNOT be heated up in the microwave. It will explode!

I need to conserve frozen products. At what temperature is recommended?

We provide two temperatures of eutectic plates for frozen products. Conservation between -18°C and -13°C, and conservation between -27°C and -18°C.

Please note that you must freeze the eutectic plate during at least 24h at a temperature that is at least 6°C below the temperature of the eutectic liquid inside the plate. You must verify if your freezer is equipped for these low temperatures.

I have ordered several products from your website already. Is it possible to receive a customer discount?

Yes! As manufacturers of eutectic plates and gels, we can offer you the best price guarantee! We will not be beat. To request a quotation: Sign into your account - Select the items on our website - Add them into your shopping cart - Go to your shopping cart – Verify the information - and 'request quotation'

You will receive your quotation within 48 hours!

What is an insulated box kit?

Our insulated box kits is the most cost-effective solution to meet your cold supply chain needs. It allows you to gain maximum results with our high performance eutectic plates and insulated containers. The insulated box kit includes: 1 insulated container – 1 supporting frame – 1 eutectic plate of your choice.

What are gastro-norm dimensions?

Gastro-norm dimensions are a standard dimension for professionals in the food industry. It is used globally and indicates the outer dimension of the containers. The basic measure is GN-1/1 (530 x 325 mm). We provide dimensions as well I GN1/2 – GN1/3 – GN1/4 – GN1/9.

Is it possible to transport both cold and hot products with your insulated containers?

We offer insulated box kits for the transportation of hot and cold products. However, it is not recommended to place hot and cold products in the same kit. For the conservation of hot products, please refer to our insulated hot kits.

Do the eutectic plates have a warranty?

COOL® will not be considered as responsible for wrong conditions of use, handling and storage. Once frozen, the plate become sensible to shock, so handle the plate or the gel pack very carefully.

How do I request a quotation?

To request a quotation: Sign into your account - Select the items on our website - Add them into your shopping cart - Go to your shopping cart – Verify the information - and 'request quotation'

You will receive your quotation within 48 hours!

Do you have technical documentation?

Yes. You can find the technical information on each product page under ‘Technical Documentation’.

My eutectic plate is damaged. What do I do?

Please contact us directly.

What are the benefits of a supporting frame?

Our COOL supporting frames are essential to the success of transporting your products. 

The benefits are the following: It optimizes the full volume of your PPE containers - the cold is distributed directly throughout the insulated box - once placed inside the supporting frame, you will no longer need to handle the eutectic plate. If you wish to open the box, you can simply open from the supporting frame.

The hot packs conserve my products at which temperature and for how long?

The hot pack maintains a temperature of approximately 63°C during 3-4 hours.

Is it possible to receive samples?

Yes. You can order sample of our eutectic gels directly on the website. If not, please contact us for more information on this subject.

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