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Polypropylene Packaging  

Polypropylene Packaging

Our expanded polypropylene (EPP) containers are designed for your daily transportation requiring negative or positive temperatures. 100% recyclable, the EPP manufacturing process uses no VOCS (volatile organic compounds) and complies with European standard 1935/2004.  These containers are remarkably eco-friendly and provide exceptional thermal insulation for your cold supply chain needs.

Despite its exceptional lightweight features, our boxes are renowned for handling heavy loads without distorting or being damaged. Our outstanding EPP containers allow you to overcome any situation in the cold and hot food chain that arises!

Specializing in expanded polypropylene, our professional experience allows us to develop specific packaging solutions for your cold supply chain projects. We are equipped to advise you on your specific projects and help with technical questions along the way, such as temperature control, special markings such as your company logo, installation of eutectic plates, traceability, etc.

EPP insulated containers can be further enhanced by our wide range of eutectic plates  to maintain your desired temperature. The front- or top-loading insulated containers and ice cream containers are just one example of the variety of the products that we provide to meet your hot and cold supply chain needs.  

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