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Polystyrene Packaging  

Polystyrene Packaging

From our large variety of products for the cold supply chain, we are excited to offer you our insulated polystyrene coolers (better known as Styrofoam). These multi-purpose coolers are designed specifically for the sensitive transportation of pharmaceutical products, as well as food products. They are recyclable, ultra-lightweight and include convenient handles for transportation. They are ideal for one-time transportation use, while continuously offering  outstanding insulation capability that guarantees consistent temperature for several days.

We offer two  types of expanded polystyrene coolers, which include a standard polystyrene cooler – as well as more-technical coolers with insulated containers able to maintain temperatures for up to 120 hours.

To conserve your products for an even longer period of time, we highly recommend you add one of our COOL gel or eutectic plates. With the combination of our insulated containers and eutectic plates or gels, you can more readily meet your cold supply chain needs. For more information about this impressive combination, see our section on ‘insulated kits’.

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