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GEL PACK 200 gr -3°C

Dimensions : 150 x 150 mm
Average cold retention : 0°C to +6°C
Gel color: green
Weight: +/- 200 g

Sample of 3 eutectic gel pouches

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The frozen gel pack so named cold pack or gel pack, are used to guarantee your cold chain. Provided inside an insulated box or inside an isothermal container, they will guarantee a preservation in positive temperature of your foodstuffs or medical. As effective as an eutectic plate, they are usually used in disposable packagings, associated to a cool bag or an isothermal box for shipping parcel with managed temperature.

These gel pooch are also available by full carboard of 100 pouches, by batch of 300 ( 3 cardboards), 600 ( 6 cardboards) or 1500 ( 15 cardboards) of pockets of cool gel pack 200g-3°C.

Single-use or reusable frozen gel pouch.

Technical features:

Dimensions: 150 x 150 mm
Weight: 200g
Resistant during the freezing
Made in France
Suitable for food contact
PA/PE 110 microns

Our cool eutectic gels are an essential component for your success in the cold supply chain.
The eutectic plates can be used for one-time or one a regular basis for short term.

  • High cold restitution power
  • Made in France
  • High resistant during freezing
  • Suitable for food contact
  • PA/PE 110 microns

Cold Restitution between 0°C and +6°C

Instruction guide for EUTECTIC GELS:

Freeze the eutectic gel packs during 24h during the advised freezing time (see below for chart).

In order to select the eutectic gel type fitted to your supply chain needs, please refer to the chart below:
'How to choose the eutectic gel for your supply chain needs'.

Gel colourGel typeT° restitution coldFreezing temperatureFreezing time
Transparent Gel
COOL 0°C0°C to +12°C-18°C24H
Green gelCOOL -3°0°C to +6°C-18°C24H
Blue gelCOOL -12°C0°C to +3°C-18°C24H
Pink gelCOOL -16°C-18°C to -16°C-22°C24H
Yellow GelCOOL -21°C-23°C to -21°C-27°C24H


Technical information:
Dimensions of dual-pouch: 150 x 150 mm
Pouch material: 110 microns
Gel volume: 190g
Eutexia temperature: COOL -3°C
Density of eutectic liquid: 1,037 kg/l
Weight of pouch: 200g
Gel colour: Green
Pouch colour: Transparent
Latent heat at eutexia point: 328.80 Kj/Kg or 78.66 Kcal/Kg

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